Saturday, October 20, 2007

Last post before I leave!

Things are really gearing up at our house for my upcoming trip. I think Callie and Delaney are excited about having a new little sister but a little uneasy about us being apart for 2 weeks. They are really looking forward to seeing Nana and Papa come to stay with them. Today at naptime Delaney was crying because it was taking them so long to come to stay with her.

Here is the itinerary for while we are in China. China is 13 hrs. ahead in time from Dallas until the time change, which happens while we are still there, and then there is a 14 hr. time change after that. So, 8:30 pm in Dallas is currently 9:30am in Beijing the following day.
Oct. 25- We arrive in Beijing at 9:30pm. We meet up with the Holmes/Poland family.
Oct 26- We sightsee in Beijing and meet up with the other 2 families Westwood & Askins families.
Oct. 27- Visit the Great Wall and Summer Palace.
Oct. 28- Fly to Nanchang and arrive at 2:00pm. WE RECEIVE THE BABIES THAT EVENING!!
Oct. 29- Complete the adoption proceedings.
Oct. 30- Free Day.
Oct. 31- Visit the Tengwang Pavilion.
Nov. 1- Visit the Bird Garden.
Nov. 2- Receive the babies' Chinese passports and then fly to Guangzhou.
Nov. 3- Complete the babies medical examinations.
Nov. 4- Visit the Chan Academy.
Nov. 5- U.S. Consulate Appointment.
Nov. 6- Oath-taking ceremony at the Consulate and receive the babies' U.S. visas.
Nov. 7- We leave to come home!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beginning of a New Era

I with much trepidation I am starting a blog. I am leaving on Oct. 24 to adopt my 3rd daughter from China, Caisy. Many people have asked if I was going to have a blog or website to journal my travel so with much uneasiness I am making my first attempt. My friends who have blogs I follow all seem to write such profound posts. I on the other hand am not so thought provoking. So, as life is taking on new changes as a soon-to-be mother of three, I am also trying to enter into a new phase of cyberspace.