Saturday, January 12, 2008


I have really started to reconsider me and blogging. I first started this blog to share my trip with friends and family to bring Caisy home. I posted exactly twice, lugged a borrowed laptop all the way across the world and could not access the blog even once! Then I came home and have posted exactly once just so people would know we actually did make the trip and all was well. Now, here I am 2 months later and I am attempting a new post. Only to just now have my 7 yr. old and my 4 yr. old (who were playing so nicely together this afternoon) come in and tell me that the almost 1 yr. old woke up early from her nap. So, single mom of three just is not very compatible with blogging but I will continue to plug away whenever I think there is a chance.

Now, to the important info. We are doing great and everyone has settled into our new family unit beautifully! I stand in awe at the way that God ordains our steps and has everything under control despite how it may seem to us. Caisy is an amazing blessing and is truly adored by her big sisters. There really has been no sibling rivalry and only an occasional comment about the fun things we could do before there was a new baby in the house. I have now gone back to work after getting to be home for 10 1/2 weeks and be home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's this year! That was an added bonus! I have now gone back to work (sigh) but all the girls are settled quite nicely into their routine.

This year has been quite a time for reflection for me. I wake up every day amazed that I get to be the mom of three amazingly wonderful little girls. I also wake up humbled and a little afraid of the enormous task at hand. Then I remember that this is all possible only through the grace, strength and leadership of God who created the whole world and all that is in it, and I just fall on my knees and thank him for His presence in my daily life.


wmcath said...

I check you blog about once a week looking for an update, I have been going to send you and e-mail and see how things were going. Now we just need to see a new photo or two.

Cathy S.

Lisa said...

You are amazing! I can't wait to see more photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh I've been looking for an update - Im so glad you posted! Love to the girls! More photos when you get a chance!