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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On the road to recovery...

Once again I cannot believe how long it has taken me to get another post added to the blog. I keep pushing forward hoping that I will get a little more consistent with my posts but mainly I add pictures of the girls which I think is what most people are hoping to see anyway. Since Caisy came home it seems like we have been in and out of the drs. office on a regular basis. Caisy started having some wheezing problems at the start of winter so they started her on breathing treatments. However, the breathing treatments just haven't seemed to clear things up as easily as they would for Delaney when she was younger. Then, back in Feb. we were driving home from a birthday party and when I went to get everyone out of the car I realized that Caisy was having a seizure. I rushed her to the ER and they determined that she had a febrile seizure that they think was triggered by the flu. However, the pediatrician on call did not feel comfortable assuming that it was all caused by the flu so he had her transported down to Dallas Children's Hospital. There they ran some further tests and pumped some IV antibiotics down her and were about to release her when she started wheezing very badly. They did 4 heavy doses of breathing treatments and she still wasn't better. Finally they put a suction machine down her nose and she started to clear up. Then about a month later the wheezing took a turn for the worse again. By the time we got to the pediatrician's office they said she had only 40 % of her lung capacity. They wanted to admit her but they agreed to let me take her home and do breathing treatments every 2 hrs. Now, they have decided to put her on a 2yr. plan for asthmatics and that seems to have worked wonders! Along with all of Caisy's problems the rest of the family has also been sick. Two of us had the flu, 2 cases of strep throat, one ear infection, one sinus infection and 2 times Delaney had a reaction to her antibiotic and broke out in hives. I feel like we must be on the road to recovery. Through all of this the girls have bonded so closely and our family has really felt so complete and unified. Caisy is happy most all of the time and really blossomed. She is pulling herself up and walking the furniture just about ready to take off walking. She is started to say a few words and laughs and all of her older sister's antics. Things are really good around here!

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Donna said...

WOW! Dana! What a run you guys have had of it! Im so glad that Caisie is responding well to the treatments. I hope that you all are all healthy from here on out and no more illness! Glad you posted. Hang in there! Donna Grace and Jordan